Odesza - Say My Name ft. Zyra (Jai Wolf Remix)


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Yes, yes, I know, there’s been an influx, a massive flood, of Odesza’s Say My Name remixes this past week, but stick with me as I share a new one today by New York producer Jai Wolf. As I’ve stated many times before, Say My Name, featuring Zyra, is one of my favorite and likely most bubbly tunes off the Seattle duo’s brilliant debut album In Return, one of the most popular electronic releases lately alongside Porter Robinson’s Worlds. Jai Wolf, on the other hand, has given me some remixes over the past months that I adore beyond words, including his remix of Melanie Martinez’s Dollhouse and his remix of Foster The People’s Best Friend (a collaboration with AObeats). It’s no wonder that his remix of Say My Name jumps out at me, keeping in tune with the original’s effervescence, corralling Zyra’s lovely vocals center stage, but all the while giving the song an extra dose of future trap vibes and buoyancy. It’s not overly worked, not too restrained.. it’s just right. 

New Music: Odesza - Say My Name (Jai Wolf Remix)

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Lookas - Loko (Jai Wolf Remix)

Massive remix pumpin’ up the bassline and turning it into a headbanger! Enjoy it wubberoos!

Free download here!


New Music: Lookas - Loko (Jai Wolf Remix)

If Hans Zimmer made twerk music, this is what it would sound like hehe

Download it for free here

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